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As with any business, the proof is in the pudding. A-1 has been serving customers for more than 25 years. Have a look below at what a few of our satisfied customers have to say.

Our Work - Samples & Testimonials

David, San Jose, CA:
"You know how when you purchase something you hope you will be delighted with the value but sometimes it isn't what you thought you were getting. Well in this case I wanted my lawn taken out because I was going to re-sod the front yard but what happened was a big surprise to me. I came home for lunch to see how it was going and when I got there he had taken out about 3 feet of dirt and my yard was way gone. So I am not expecting this in the least and he says "You had bad dirt." Turns out if he would have taken out just the sod I would have been happy with that until a year or two went by and then the same thing would have happened. Dead Sod. So Terry had taken out the dirt and the back filled with mushroom compost mixed with sand and topsoil and WOW you can grow anything there now. I have a great yard and I even planted tomatoes along side the yard and they are growing like weeds. Before you could hardly drive a pick in the ground and nothing would hardly even start much less grow. So thanks for going the extra mile and doing the job right. I am so jazzed with my yard! Thanks to A-1 Hauling."

Arthur, Fremont, CA:
"My name is Arthur Harrington. I have been a successful union carpenter for 40 years and I own a home in Fremont, California. I have been upgrading my home and made the decision that it was time to replace the old sidewalks and driveway. They were damaged and inadequate. I called Terry Arrighi at A-1 and offered him the task of the concrete demolition removal, excess soil removal, bringing in baserock, and completing all the excavating and grading. I was extremely impressed with his performance of the work. It was apparent that Terry knows the business well and that he has acquired a great deal of experience. Terry made all his moves count. I can say my experience with A-1 was an 'Exciting Solution'."

Rich, Cupertino, CA:
"I had Terry do some work for me 15 years ago.  Being the solid type of worker he is, his number still worked all these years later.  He tore up my backyard in a day delivering on everything he said he would.  I gave him direction about some pipes and tight areas to be concerned about.  Her performed as one with the bobcat and was surgical removing heavy concrete with no damage to the house. I would like to recommend Terry for any demolition you need."  Sometimes we have fun on the job. Click here to see.


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Removing dead and unwanted plants, grass, and trees, from a front yard